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Generate Leads

Creating a customer base is of utmost importance to any business, and this can be achieved by setting the correct outlook for you company. With Softrate India’s invoicing software, you a can set a professional, trustworthy, and customer-centric tone to your company which in turn will help generate leads. With our invoicing software, every transaction is given a uniform, customized and professional style to complement the business and invite more customers.

Automate Everything

Earlier, the term automation was exclusive used in conjunction with applications, infrastructure, testing, and different business units. Now, the modern world has developed in such a way that it can improve end-user experience by building synergy across different functions, thereby creating a powerful impact. The task of invoice creation has been automated for businesses to reap many benefits of using an invoicing software.

Track Your Invoices

Invoice tracking can help you monitor the accounts receivables using the invoice status template. The invoice status enables us to view the client’s name, issuing date, amount receivable and invoice status. This makes invoicing as easy as possible for both you and your paying customers, and in turn, this will get cash flowing more efficiently into the business. By invoice tracking, we can keep track of payments and issue date and be able to determine future financial strategies